18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuits

Even though 18 wheeler trucks are considered to be more stable vehicles, accidents still happen.  Statistics show that 3% of road accidents involve large trucks and these instances contribute to 12% of fatal accidents.  Commonly, in 18 wheeler accidents, passengers in other vehicles or pedestrians suffer greater losses and injuries.  The weight of an 18 wheeler is nearly 20 times that of a normal sized car, giving passengers of the truck a safety advantage, but creating more danger for other vehicles involved in an accident.  When an 18 wheeler collides with another vehicle other than a large truck, the occupants of that vehicle are more likely to be injured or even killed than the occupants of the 18 wheeler.

I have many years of experience in filing compensation claims.  For a lawsuit to succeed, sufficient evidence is required to prove that the causes leading to the accident resulted from driver mistakes or company negligence.  These cases involve a comprehensive process of evaluating evidence and investigating all circumstances.  Because of this, I will help you compile strong evidence, and build a solid case in your favor, as well as assist in filing compensation claims for sustained injuries, medical bills, lost working hours, dues and capacity, pain sustained, punitive damages among other related losses. I also provide defense for truck drivers and companies that have been wrongly accused of negligence or wrongdoing of any kind in relation to claims being filed in the case of an accident.

Compensable situations

As previously stated, to file a successful claim, sufficient evidence must be presented that places responsibility for the accident on the 18 Wheeler driver’s mistakes or company negligence.  Compensable situations involving 18 wheeler accidents include:

  • Violation of various commercial driver and vehicle standard laws
  • Violation of the number of hours a truck driver may spend traveling or resting
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Carrying excessive load, wrongful loading, or ineffective packaging
  • Neglecting maintenance or inspection of trucks
  • Violation of traffic laws

Our McKinney 18 wheeler accident attorney helps victims of accidents involving 18 wheelers & other large trucks. We also provide defense in cases regarding accidents that involve large commercial vehicles. If you have questions or concerns, call our office immediately so we can discuss your 18 wheeler accident.