Drug Trafficking Defense

At the law office of Alan Taggart our firm possesses over 20 years of experience and refined legal knowledge to provide our clients with the right legal counsel when facing drug trafficking charges.  Through the years, we have seen the psychological and emotional implications of how a legal accusation can affect people.

The Lone Star State has a front row seat to the southern front of America’s Drug War.  Drug trafficking activity on both sides of the frontier with Mexico is rampant, as cartels and crime lords are devoted to making a fortune through the smuggling and sale of illegal substances. This is why Texas has some of the toughest drug legislation across the United States of America.

To determine what punishment individuals face when accused of drug trafficking, it is necessary to check the “Schedule of Controlled Substances”.  This document classifies and describes all illegal drugs and chemicals that carry any significant penalties in Texas.  As legal representation, our duty is to utilize all of our experience and legal knowledge to work to avoid an extremely troublesome penalty, or at least minimize the penalty dictated by a judge.  Please note that in the five levels that are listed in the aforementioned schedule, capital felony punishment is not ruled out. This can mean imprisonment for life without parole or even the death penalty.  That is why we take each case extremely seriously and prepare every defense strategy in our clients’ best possible interest to the absolute best of our abilities, especially if the accusation involves large amounts of drugs or chemicals, or if the felony drug offenses that have been charged involve drug cultivation, drug manufacturing, and/or drug trafficking.

If you are facing drug trafficking charges, it is very important that you demand to speak with a McKinney Criminal Attorney right away.  Contact us as soon as possible and never, under any circumstances, should you admit to any accusation or crime until you have first discussed your case with us.  This is one of your fundamental rights when you are arrested in the United States of America and the arresting officer should tell you so at the very moment of arrest.