Drug Possession

Drug penalties can be very strong.   Any person convicted of possessing or obtaining any kind of illegal drug in Texas may be penalized with jail time and probation as well as a loss of one’s driver’s license for about six months.  The charges may also appear on one’s criminal record for years.  Many of these charges can result in severe penalties that vary based on the specific drug.  Those arrested for possessing marijuana may be sentenced to jail for up to 180 days.  Meanwhile, a person convicted of possessing cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other such drugs may be sentenced to at least two years of jail time.

The consequences of drug possession charges are very serious, and are imperative for all individuals facing charges to understand.  These drug-related charges can be extremely stressful for many to deal with.  However, charges like these may be fought through a McKinney TX Criminal attorney experienced in these cases.

Drug-related programs may be available to individuals arrested for possession of drugs. A legal court may allow a person who is arrested to complete a drug treatment and education program.  Though this may take weeks or even months to complete, the purpose of the project is to ensure that the individual is less likely to suffer from serious problems over time.  This may also be an option that is significantly more favorable than jail time, should the charges be too difficult or impossible to refute.

Community service may also be offered as an alternative to jail time.  This sentencing is done as a means of allowing a person to learn how to manage one’s habits over time. Any charges added to one’s record may be voided and eventually expunged from one’s record if such a program is completed.  It is worth being aware that this is typically only offered if the individual is a first time offender.  Those who have been arrested for drug possession in the past may not be eligible for such a program.

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