Drug Distribution Charges

Drug laws are extremely tough, and if you are facing drug distribution charges, you could be in for a very trying and stressful process.  People convicted for distributing drugs normally face hefty penalties which include heavy fines and extensive prison sentences.  If you are facing these charges, I am available to help you deal with the charges to ensure that you receive the best possible results given your situation.

Whether you are facing federal or state narcotic charges, as an experienced McKinney TX Criminal Attorney I will put my 20 plus years of experience and legal knowledge together to defend your rights.  I always seek to ensure that the charges leveled against our clients are either dismissed or reduced.  If a client should plead guilty to the charges, I will argue your case professionally using the legal system in your favor to ensure that the outcome benefits you as much as possible.  To avoid serious consequences for charges of distributing drugs, you should not face the magistrate on your own but instead employ our services, which are tailored to help you improve or win your case. I review all the details of all cases diligently to determine how best we can identify any weaknesses in the case brought against you by the prosecutor or identify any missteps on the side of the police.

I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board Of Legal Specialization, boasting an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system within the state of Texas.  In addition, I have built my reputation as a reliable legal professional over the years, which has resulted in respect from many prosecuting attorneys.  I practice my profession with honor and integrity, working in your favor as we build and fight for your case.  You can expect us to negotiate aggressively on your behalf and work to ensure that your charges are reduced or dropped altogether.