Cocaine Possession Defense

Many individuals charged with cocaine related offenses find the legal process to be an extremely trying experience.  At the Law Office of Alan Taggart we provide superior legal representation for all cocaine related offenses.  It is important for all individuals charged with cocaine possession, trafficking, and other offenses to find and retain the best legal representation as it is within their rights to do so. If a person is found in possession of drugs then it is often very difficult to fight the charges alone.

The McKinney Criminal Attorney that is in charge of the case will need a detailed account of the events leading to arrest. The police report from the arresting officer can have many pertinent facts regarding what led the police officer to suspect that the individual might be in possession of the controlled substance.  If a search and seizure was conducted that turned up any illegal substances, the legal counsel needs to know this.  Furthermore, there are certain procedures that the police must follow in order to move forward with searching someone or their personal property.  If there was not probable cause to do so, this can impact the legitimacy of the legal charges that have been filed. Your legal team will also want to see all of the paperwork that has been filed. This can provide a basis with which to fight the charges.  If the arrest was without merit, then the case will often be thrown out by the judge that has been assigned to the case.

Being convicted of a drug related offense can involve a felony which will be listed on a person’s criminal record permanently. It is important for our clients to understand this, and trust that our legal team is determined to fight for their rights.  People that have been accused of this type of crime often feel the urge to retreat and not be honest with the legal professional that is representing them.

We believe that our services can allow our clients to feel comfortable enough to tell us the truth so that we can best defend them in court.  We strive to help our clients so that they can fight their charges and move on with their lives.  Our McKinney Attorney seeks to help our clients to mount the best strategy so that the judge or jury members can understand and sympathize with our clients and their legal defense.