Drug Charges

Charges for drug offenses are very common in this day and age.  Drug offenses encompass many kinds of offenses such as possession of chemicals, possession of drug paraphernalia, to illegal drug trafficking.  The seriousness and severity of drug offense charges can be extremely stressful and damaging, therefore, if you are facing criminal drug charges, it is important for you to find an experienced, proven McKinney Texas Attorney that can use every tool available to bring you the most effective and desirable outcome.

We are trained at handling many drug related offenses, including, but not confined to:

Even if you are facing your first conviction, the consequences of not preparing a criminal defense strategy with drug charges can be terrible and unforgiving. We bring every bit of our knowledge, creativity, ingenuity & 20 years of legal experience to vigorously fight for your rights and to help you not only avoid extensive fines and prison time, but also avoid the damage to your person and reputation such as driver’s license suspension, and employment difficulty.

Most drug offenses are punished as felonies, which is one of the most severely damaging state or federal punishments for criminally charged individuals.  Every individual case has it’s own peculiarities, which is why it is imperative that you find an experienced, accomplished, and motivated Attorney as soon as possible that will unquestionably fight for your best interest.

Drug Charges can be an extremely overwhelming legal obstacle to be forced to deal with, not to mention the financial and personal burden that can come along with the charges.  Don’t face these charges alone, the Law Office of Alan Taggart is standing prepared to help you face and deal with these charges, always working toward the best achievable result.  To schedule a consultation, or for more information, call us at, use the contact us form at the top right or our website customer service team can help you schedule a consultation to discuss your drug charges.