A Divorce Can Be Contested Or Uncontested, Let’s begin by discussing the quickest and most affordable way to divorce because in my opinion it’s the most common.  Many times, both spouses desire a divorce and want it immediately.  In situations like this, we are able to quickly draw up the divorce papers and begin the divorce process within 72 hours of your initial consultation.  We try our best to make the process quick and affordable.  We handle a large volume of agreed divorces, we are able to make the process affordable.

Now let’s discuss a contested divorce, this is going to be expensive, time consuming but at the end of the day it’s usually worth it.  Face it, after years of marriage many people will argue over the smallest issues and that’s when you hire the best McKinney Divorce Attorney you can afford.

Contested divorces usually include property division, custody and Support.  All three major concerns for a divorcing couple.  Good news is that mediation can usually lead to a peaceful resolution in a manner that avoids months of litigation.

On the other hand, if one or both spouses do not respond to mediation, I prepare every single case as if it was headed to litigation.  With more than 20 years of experience I’m prepared to face anyone in trial.

Divorce, like any other legal matter, is stressful, time consuming and emotional. Anytime a marriage is coming to an end there are usually more questions than answers, leaving both spouses seeking advice.   As we all know, it is common for individuals going through a crisis to immediately turn to a friend and/or family member for advice.  While the friend or family member can offer comfort, any legal advice needs to come from a skilled and experienced McKinney Divorce Attorney.

If you would like to speak with McKinney Divorce Attorney about your divorce, call my office immediately. I offer consultations Monday-Friday and have evening appointments from my office at 2490 West White Avenue McKinney, TX 75071. We also accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal.

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Preparing for the cost associated with hiring a Divorce Attorney in McKinney Texas can be substantial.  Face it, the divorce process is expensive if the parties involved have their differences resolved through litigation legal fees can easily surpass $5,000.  I understand the cost associated with ending a marriage is a common reason for unhappy couples remain married, but if it’s time for you to file and want a McKinney Divorce Lawyer to fight for you call my office right away.

Now, if all parties involved agree on a quick agreed divorce you can usually end your marriage for less than $2000.  The decision on which direction to go will become easier after you call 972-529-2889 and speak with a McKinney Divorce Attorney.