Theft Defense

Individuals that have been charged with theft will find it imperative to find the best legal representation available.  Many defendants have a tough time being able to defend themselves, which is why we work to help individuals needing experienced representation. I offer these individuals legal counsel for their day in court and work with the facts to create the best possible defense.  The stigma of a theft arrest can haunt people, which is why we work so hard to help our clients to clear their name.

A strong criminal defense is helped if the McKinney Tx Criminal Attorneys and the defendant can effectively establish a sense of trust.  When a consultation takes place, defendants should ask questions to learn more about their legal options.  It is the responsibility of the legal counsel to evaluate any plea agreement options.  I also help people who do not want to take a chance on enduring a lengthy trial.  If a person decides to plead guilty to avoid a harsh prison sentence, I will utilize all of our knowledge and experience to create the best deal possible.

Fighting any criminal charge can be very difficult, this is why individuals charged with theft must learn about defense strategies in an attempt to be exonerated of all charges.  The legal representation that an individual utilizes can be critical to putting together a solid background for the case.  Witnesses and evidence are also vital to the outcome.  I can help by doing solid and rigorous research. I meet with potential witnesses and go over forensic evidence with experts.  Technology has completely changed the way that cases are tried.  DNA evidence and finger printing techniques help to determine the guilt or innocence of an individual in many cases.

People have the right to testify for themselves in court.  It can also be beneficial to have character witnesses that can speak to a person’s moral values and behavior.  This can help to humanize the person, and provide a face for the judge and jury to consider.  My knowledge can help with being able to put forth a well rounded case.  To retain the services of Alan Taggart for theft defense, or to discuss your case in a no obligation initial consultation, call us at 972-529-2889 .