Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest is a serious criminal charge and requires reliable and credible legal representation to effectively work through toward achieving the most desirable results.  More than likely, this is not the only charge being faced, therefore legal experts who are experienced and proven are even more important to the process.  At the law office of Alan Taggart we use our vast knowledge of the law & offer you the skilled legal representation you need if facing a resisting arrest charge. We will work with you from the very beginning to ensure that the charges faced do not escalate into a more serious issue.

Depending upon the circumstances of the arrest, and whether the police conducting the arrest were injured, you could be facing either a felony or misdemeanor charge.  This could result in you spending time doing community service, spending time in jail for a few days, or even be faced with an extremely serious sentence.  However, I can help to avoid these stiff penalties and work to ensure you do not suffer embarrassment or even experience disruption in your day to day life.

I understand these charges very well.  I offer aggressive representation, and work to exonerate my clients from any other charges that might fall under this offense.  As your McKinney Texas resisting arrest Attorney I will study these charges and provide a listening ear making it possible to build an effective criminal defense aimed at providing our clients with the best possible outcome.  My advice is to not try to face these charges without proper legal representation, and to avoid hiring representation who does not have significant experience in these cases, as this could doom the defense.

I have the legal knowledge and experience needed to analyze and evaluate the case thoroughly and provide a defense that is aggressively aimed to provide you with the best possible result based on your particular situation.  Do not be tempted to face the charges alone, I am here to offer a strong, aggressive defense to your resisting arrested charge.