Probation Violation

When a person is convicted of committing a crime, they encounter many potential legal consequences. Some of those legal consequences are fines and mandatory incarceration. However, courts can also sentence a person to probation along with or instead of incarceration and fines. A person can’t volunteer for this consequence as a means of punishment. This form of punishment is sentenced through a judge within a legal judiciary system. While under a court order, a person can serve out their sentence under specific guidelines that must be followed. Sentencing violations occur when a person breaks one of those guidelines that the court has established. Legal representation is recommended before sentencing and after sentencing in order to increase the possibility of reducing the sentence.

Violations occur when of any of the conditions that have been imposed by the judge are either intentionally or unintentionally broken. Many types of violations include not arriving at a scheduled meeting with a probation officer, carrying drug paraphernalia or using illegal drugs, associating with previously or currently known criminals, engaging in criminal activity, or violating any other sentencing guideline. After a violation occurs, the probation officer can issue a warning or request an appearance in court during a hearing. The severity of the violation affects the outcome of the sentence during a hearing. Many of the consequences subject violators to further punishment such as incarceration or an extended sentencing period.

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