Juvenile Criminal Law

Many children face criminal trouble because of their actions every day.  When a child is arrested, it is not only important to be as knowledgeable about the process as possible, but to also find the best criminal defense from the most experienced McKinney Criminal Attorney possible to help guide your family through this troubling time.

I have 2o plus years of experience in all legal areas, and have extensive experience in defending juveniles charged with a crime.  It is important for parents to understand that the legal process is not as cut and dry as it may appear to be in adult cases.  This is because minors are involved.  With minors, the criminal justice system wants to intervene to correct the behavior now, rather than simply punish for the sake of punishment.  Parents need to do whatever they can to provide as much moral as well as legal support for their children who are facing these charges.

Parents should first meet in person with legal counsel that will provide a basic summary of the charges that have been filed against the child.  An arrest report as well as any other documents relating to the current and past behavior of the child should be brought to these meetings so that the legal team can establish a time line that estimates when the events leading up to the arrest of the child occurred.  This should help with building a defense against the charges, as well as planning how to help the child deal with the consequences of the charges.  Children often feel as though older people do not listen to them. When they are taken into custody and face legal issues, they need to know that their voices can be heard.  Our goal is to ensure this for the children by observing, listening, and communicating with each person so that they and their families may feel assured that they are receiving the best services possible.

When the case is heard by the judge, they will want to evaluate if the child has any past criminal record.  If the child is a first time offender, they will likely receive a less severe punishment.  This is why it is beneficial to have the best legal representation working on your behalf. Parents must work in conjunction with the legal professionals in order to help build the most complete defense possible for their child.  The path that a person takes when they are young can define who they become as an adult, and a well represented juvenile criminal case can help steer them in the right direction.