Expunction of criminal records is typically done in cases where a person is arrested for a crime but has never been convicted for it. The arrest record is typically placed on a person’s criminal record. The expungement process will allow the arrest information to be fully removed. This means that the details on anything that occurred will not be kept as part of the person’s permanent criminal record.

Successful expungement involves obtaining an order from the court to have these arrest records in your file destroyed, and it allows you the right to legally deny that the arrest ever even occurred, including on an application for employment. You may be qualified to have the records expunged if the case was dismissed, if the grand jury found there was insufficient evidence and issued a no-bill, if you received an acquittal at the trial (meaning you were found to be not guilty), if another person was arrested while using your name, or if you had been convicted but later received a pardon.

Why Is This Critical?

The greatest issue that many people have regarding their criminal records is that they will often have difficulties with regards to finding jobs or homes if negative information is found in their file. Even those who were never convicted of crimes can have problems in this area if there is any lingering negative information on their record. We can help our clients to learn about what can be done in order to manage these different scenarios so that these criminal records can be cleared out, allowing peace of mind that these issues will not remain in their criminal record files.

The key to getting a record expunged is to prove to the judge that the negative aspects of the arrest should be completely removed from the person’s criminal record. The judge will be responsible for deciding to allow the record to be removed as needed. These matters are handled on a case-by-case basis, but with the help of our expert legal team you should be able to have the record expunged if your situation qualifies as mentioned above.

Contact our McKinney Criminal Attorney today if you need assistance with clearing your criminal record in instances where you have been wrongly accused.  We will provide an initial consultation and will guide you throughout the process in hopes of achieving a favorable resolution on your behalf.