Criminal Defense

My methods of discovery regarding criminal issues ensure my clients to be working with a dedicated McKinney Criminal Attorney which can assist you with every major or minor crime that may be involved in your situation. I have represented clients in both state and federal courts, and I am able to handle a variety of cases including but not limited to: DWI, theft, probation violations, public intoxication, resisting arrest, computer and internet crimes, rape and sexual assault, manslaughter, homicide, domestic abuse, grand larceny, wire fraud, blackmail, and all drug charges.

I have not only the knowledge and experience, but I also have a legal staff ready to handle any type of legal issue that may arise. I encourage anyone needing defense regarding matters of a criminal nature to contact me for advice on how to proceed with your case. I am confident of my abilities to gain an acquittal if you have been wrongly accused, or to achieve the best possible outcome and protect your rights in the process.

As a McKinney Criminal Attorney I represent clients facing accusations of criminal activity, and I encourage my potential clients to let me help to uphold their rights as I present their case. If you are arrested, you do not have to say anything that the police can convict you on. You also have the right to say no to searches in your vehicle, home, or body without a McKinney Criminal Lawyer. You should also remain calm even if you are wrongly accused of a crime. Do not resist arrest, assault, or run away from the police. This will only make matters worse.

Furthermore, I have also given advice in situations where someone may have confessed to a crime simply due to being nervous or afraid of the law enforcement officer or detective during interrogation. I can help to have these types of coerced confessions dismissed.

Every person charged with a crime has the legal right to seek out the help of the best McKinney Criminal Lawyer they can afford, Dont’ Wait Call Me At 972-529-2889 to begin the process of preparing your criminal defense strategy and hiring your McKinney Criminal Attorney.