Child Support

Paying child support is not an option but is a requirement by state law.  Our children deserve the very best we can afford and I take child support matters very serious.  Whether you would like to establish, modify, enforce or collect unpaid payments,you need to speak with a McKinney child support attorney and I offer consultations 7 days a week.

If you have children and are considering filing for divorce, you need to consult with an experienced legal professional before you make any rash decisions.  A second chance to protect your rights, pocket book and establish custody doesn’t come around every single day. So take your time, be patient but aggressive and call my office at  immediately.

The basic child support guidelines based on the monthly net resources of the obligor are as follows:

1 child 20% of Obligor’s net resources

2 children 25% of Obligor’s net resources

3 children 30% of Obligor’s net resources

4 children 35% of Obligor’s net resources

5 children 40% of Obligor’s net resources

6+ children not less than the amount for 5 children