Grounds For Divorce

Grounds For Divorce

Grounds for ending your marriage can be pretty easy to establish and it’s not often that a spouse actually ends up contesting those grounds.  Below I will try to outline some of the most common grounds used.

1. Abandonment: Anytime your spouse picks up and leaves for good, cuts off all forms of communication you have justification to ask for divorce & the courts will almost always agree.

2. Adultery: Face it, if your spouse cheats, it’s almost impossible to rebuild that trust & relationship that existed at one time.  Asking for a divorce because your spouse cheated will always be approved by the courts.

3. Domestic Violence: This one is given, but you would be surprised to hear how many people are hesitant to use domestic violence for their grounds.  Keep in mind that spousal abuse can lead to a disproportionate division of assets, plus an increase in spousal support.

4. In Prison:  It’s not that often, but two or three times a month I’m confronted with a young lady and her spouse was just sentenced to years in prison.  These divorces are usually quick and always approved by the courts.

I’ve just outlined a few of the common fault based grounds for divorce but the fact is that many no fault divorces are filed every month.  I like to call these uncontested, or in simple terms the dynamic of the marriage has gotten so bad that both parties agree to move on.

In addition to determining your grounds, Our McKinney Divorce Attorney will take the time to discuss your custody & support issues .

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Grounds For Divorce